Sim-only deals, 5 reasons why.

Keeping your mobile bill as low as possible while still having access to a decent network is no easy feat. There are plenty of hidden costs and sneaky charges that can creep up on you, leaving you with a hefty final bill at the end of each month. Whether you're looking to save money by getting rid of your existing contract or simply want a more affordable alternative to your current plan, switching to a SIM-only deal might be the answer for you. When it comes to cell phone plans there are two main types: those that come with a locked phone and those that don't. A locked phone means that the device cannot be used with any other network but the one it was locked to when it was purchased. Unlocking phones isn't always straightforward and can prove costly in some cases, which is why switching to a SIM-only deal may well be worth considering instead.

What Is a SIM-Only Deal?

A SIM-only deal, or a SIM-only contract, is an agreement between you and your provider to use a specific SIM card in a device of your choice. You don't actually own the phone and it isn't linked to your name when it comes to your provider's records. The SIM card is the small piece of plastic inside your phone that links it to your network and allows you to make calls and send and receive data. A SIM-only agreement means that you (the customer) are not tied to a device, so you can change phones as often as you like. The SIM-only option is suitable for people who have their own device and who don't want to sign a contract with a smartphone service.

Why You Should Move to a SIM Only Plan

If you currently have an expensive contract with a locked phone and you're finding that you can't get out of it, you could consider switching to a SIM-only plan instead. If you have an eye on a new phone that would be cheaper if it weren't tied to a contract, or if you're simply looking to save money in general, a SIM-only deal could be the solution.

Network Quality is Good

While network quality plays a big part in any mobile contract, it's especially important to consider if you're moving to a SIM-only plan. For example, if you want to travel abroad and know that you'll be relying on your phone for internet and calls, choosing a network with weak coverage could lead to costly problems. It's worth checking out what network coverage is like in your area and where you'll be travelling to before deciding to move to a SIM-only plan. If you're happy with what you find, it's likely that you'll have no problems receiving the service you're paying for.

You Can Negotiate Your Own Price

With a SIM-only deal, you're not tied to a set price. You can negotiate with your provider to come up with a price that suits you better. If you're moving from a contract with a hefty price, you'll likely be able to get a SIM-only deal for much less, even without any discounts. While locking into a new, lower price may be tempting, it's important to remember that it will almost certainly require you to sign a new contract. If you're looking for the freedom of a SIM-only deal, it's best to stay away from contracts so you can change your plan whenever you like.

No Hidden Charges or Billed Extras

If you've ever been tied to a contract with a phone company, you're probably aware that many providers will charge you for ending your agreement early. When it comes to SIM-only deals, you won't be tied to a contract. This means there won't be any hidden charges or billed extras if you need to end your agreement early. Depending on where you live and which network you use, you may also be able to choose between different types of SIM cards. It's worth checking with your provider to see what's available in your area and make sure the one you choose is compatible with your device.

A Sim-Only Plan Could Be Cheaper Than What You're Currently Paying

If your current contract is coming to an end, you might be due for an upgrade. If you're happy with your device and don't want to trade it in for a new one, you could consider switching to a SIM-only plan instead. If your contract is still active, switching to a SIM-only plan will mean you're no longer tied to your provider. This means you can walk away from any contract you don't want to be a part of and you can start to look around for a cheaper alternative.


A SIM-only deal is perfect for those who want more flexibility and fewer restrictions. If you're able to get a lower price with a SIM-only plan and are happy with your network choice, there's no reason why you shouldn't consider making the switch. Although it's not possible to know what the future holds, it's always worth keeping an eye on your spending so that you can switch to a cheaper plan if you need to. If you currently have an expensive contract with a locked phone and you're finding that you can't get out of it, you could consider switching to a SIM-only plan instead.